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John Lee Dumas
For one low monthly fee you can get the designs that you need. Watch the video testimonial → John Lee Dumas, Founder of Entrepreneur on Fire

We help agencies, e-commerce brands, print shops and service businesses of all kind – big and small

Save time

In less than 5 minutes you can delegate any graphic design task. No HR, no drama.

Get quality work

Our team is capable of creating the work that you need. Check our work here

Truly unlimited

There’s no limit to how many open projects you can have at the same time.

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Stop wasting time with freelancers that leave you hanging!

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Expand your marketing budget using your graphic design savings.

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Our diverse team of graphic designers has experience in all industries.

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No questions asked, 100% money-back for your first 30 days. If you don’t enjoy our work, we don’t deserve to keep your money.

James Carbary quote
Kapa99 saves us 100 hours per month and about $45k per year, if there was no Kapa99 we just wouldn’t be able to do so much of what makes our service special. Read the case study →
James Carbary, Sweet Fish Media

How it works

Delegating your graphic design work is easy with unlimited graphic design

Step 1

You send us the information of your task

Step 1

Then we start creating proposals for you

Step 1

We'll deliver your task in 24 - 48 hours

Our Unique Way Of Doing Things

We assign to each subscription a full team of people ready to work for you, day or night:

2 project managers, who will find the best graphic designers in our team to work on your projects, making sure that you always get specialists instead of generalists.

2 art directors, that will make sure all your work has the right specifications that you required.

1 customer success manager, who will make sure that you're meeting your goals with the service and will work for you whenever you might need it.

1 supervisor who will oversee your account to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

In total you get a dedicated team of six working for you, plus unlimited access to our full team of graphic designers

Delegate all your designs projects

We can help you with almost everything you might need in the graphic design department

  • Logo design
  • Blog images
  • Book covers
  • Book layouts
  • Packaging & Labels
  • Flyers & Posters
  • Social media images
  • Email signatures
  • Background removal
  • Brochures
  • Podcast covers
  • T-shirt design
  • Business cards
  • Illustrations
  • Powerpoint templates
  • Infographics
  • Billboard design
  • Restaurant menu's
  • Tradeshow banners
  • Web Ads

Some samples of our work

Quality work that will help you achieve your goals


Dollar-for-dollar, unlimited graphic design is one of the best investments you can make in your business

Tamira Chapman
Before subscribing to Kapa99, we spent a lot of time and resources searching for and hiring designers. With Kapa99 we were able to have one consistent branding profile for all of our businesses. We were able to take the fee, add it to the budget and plan for it. Kapa99 has been one of the best uses of our resources and we can’t go one day without them. Tamira Chapman, Vitalspack
Unlimited projects and revisions 24-48 hours delivery time Source files $399/mo $249/mo
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Frequently asked questions

We can help you with almost everything you might need in the graphic design department

If you are a marketer, entrepreneur, creative agency or an individual that requires at least four new graphic design projects per month then, yes!
At Kapa99 we offer unlimited revisions and requests for one flat-rate every month.

Limiting our service would have been the easy way out.

However, easy is not something that we’re after, to align our service with our mission, we’re going above and beyond to satisfy the needs of our customers and offering unlimited requests and revisions is the obvious solution.

To answer the question: yes, our service is really unlimited. You can request as many tasks you might have and as many revisions as you might need.

How do we handle your tasks?

First-come, first-served. We create a queue of your tasks, the first tasks that come in are the tasks that we’ll deliver first.

Usually, we process 2 – 4 tasks per day, depending on how time intensive they’re.

We want to help you meet deadlines whenever possible, if something is time sensitive let us know, we’ll do our best to accommodate your urgency
All of our designers are exclusive and only work with Kapa99. They’re located worldwide and our team is remote.

80% of our designers work in EST times, however our support team is available 24/7.
Yes, you can submit as many requests as you might have. We’ll queue them for you and work on them following our first come first served policy.
No, we don’t require any contracts, you can use our service month by month.
24 hours to 48 hours for most tasks.

If your project is bigger like a magazine layout or a power point presentation with a lot of slides let us know and we’ll give you an estimate on how long it should take.
$399 per month, no contracts.
Yes, you can. Communicate with us as soon as possible and be very clear what it is that you need and when. We’ll try to meet your deadline.
We allow for as many changes and revisions as you might have for your design.
It usually takes 24 to 48 hours.
Every task is different. Please refer to our best practices
There are two ways in which you can submit tasks, both are very simple:

  • E-mail
  • Trello
Yes, you can submit tasks for as many brands as you might own.
We’re ready for most things:

  • Original logos
  • Blog images
  • Book covers
  • Book layout / formatting*
  • Packaging & Labels
  • Flyers & Posters
  • Podcast covers
  • T-shirts
  • Business cards
  • Powerpoint templates
  • Original Infographics*
  • Social media images
  • E-mail signatures
  • Background removal
  • Brochures
  • Billboards
  • Restaurant menu’s
  • Tradeshow banners
  • Web ads
  • Illustrations (simple or complex)
Yes, we do have our limitations, we don’t support the following requests:

  • Video or motion graphics
  • CAD / 3D
  • HTML / CSS or any programming
  • UI / UX, we don’t design websites or mobile apps.


Simple, it’s not our area of expertise and we can’t guarantee high quality as such we don’t accept those tasks.
Yes you can. You own and control the Intellectual Property, you might use it or sell it, any way and any price you want.
No, web-design is something that we don’t do. For a more comprehensive list of things we don’t do please check here