Code and Dev gets 10 hours of work for every 1 hour they put in, saving time helps reaching marketing and sales goals! 3 min read

Michael Ensor
Michael Ensor is the owner of Code & Dev, an agency that offers brand design, digital intelligence and business strategy for local businesses. Michael help businesses grow every day by using a combination of digital and offline tactics to generate new leads and customers.

What's Code and Dev?

"Code & Dev is a business development company that works shoulder-by-shoulder with business owners, managers and employees to accomplish marketing and sales goals. Our focus is on lead generation."

The Challenge

Code and Dev operates in Fort Myers Beach, a popular destination for tourists. Code and Dev Clients are local hotels, boat rentals, restaurants and other businesses in the entertainment and tourism industry.

For Michael generating new leads and clients every week is a process that requires organization around the events of the season.

Being organized around these events allow Michael, together with clients, the creation of sales and promotions that are relevant to tourists and locals alike.

The marketing tactics of Code and Dev include newspaper ads, coupons, facebook ads, flyers, posters, restaurant menus, brochures, t-shirts, banners and more.

Michael to successfully accomplish marketing and sales goals for his clients realized that a graphic design team was necessary to help him create all the material needed.

When it comes to graphic design, Michael values one thing above all: quality.

Fast delivery and world class communication are also important to Michael. "One of my favorite parts of working with Kapa99 is that we have come a long way with communication", he said.

The Solution

Michael found Kapa99 in a facebook group, it seemed a promising solution to all the graphics that he was going to need for lead generation.

Michael decided to test the service for a month, to see how things would go.

In the first month Michael requested a variety of designs, including flyers, posters, restaurant menus, business cards and more…

After testing the service, Michael realized that it was everything he needed. Quality was on point and delivery time was perfect.

Today Michael considers Kapa99 a partner in all things graphic design, a partnership that has lasted for over 2 years and counting. "The team at Kapa99 go above and beyond to be there for me", he said.

The Results

Code and Dev clients noticed that their business took a step up across the board in visual branding. A nice plus that helps generate more clients and leads.

"I’d say I achieve 10 hours of work for every 1 hour that I put in. Since all I have to do is post jobs, give critiques for revisions, and submit final work to clients", Michael said, and continued, "we have accomplished over 200+ unique designs for just one client".

Reaching marketing and sales goals, getting 10 hours of work for every 1 hour he invest and stepping up visual branding. These are some of the achievements of Code and Dev after using Kapa99.