What Your University logo Needs To Have

When it comes to developing a university logo, there are a few different aspects you should take into consideration. Some of these could be considered common sense, while others may be more nuanced.

What Your University logo Needs To Have
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When it comes to developing a university logo, there are a few different aspects you should take into consideration. Some of these could be considered common sense, while others may be more nuanced. For those who are not pros in the graphic design and marketing industry, the latter elements might be overlooked or undervalued. We’re here to change that. Here’s what your university logo needs to have in order to reach its full potential:

Your university logo should be simple and memorable.

When you think of a simple logo, you might imagine a boring and generic one. But your university logo doesn't have to be like that at all! It can still be memorable, but it just needs to be simple.

Simple does not mean boring or plain; in fact, it means the opposite. Just because a design is simple doesn't mean that it's without personality or character—it has to have those things in order for prospective students to connect with it.

Your university logo should convey a sense of personality.

Your university logo should convey a sense of personality.

University logos should be memorable, versatile, and timeless—they need to work well on everything from business cards to billboards. The best university logos are designed by professionals who understand the elements that go into creating an effective logo for any type of institution. To ensure your logo is successful in this regard, you should consider bringing in someone with experience designing for universities or higher education institutions.

In addition to conveying your personality through the use of color, graphics and fonts (or lack thereof), it’s important that the design behind your logo has meaning behind it as well.

This can be accomplished through incorporating aspects from your school’s history into your new design such as animals or plants native to where you’re located or images relating back to when the campus was founded.

Your university logo should be versatile and timeless.

What does that mean? A great university logo is one that can be used in a variety of contexts, on any kind of medium, and for many different purposes. It’s also important to think about how the logo will look in different formats—for example, would the text make sense if it were smaller or bigger? Would you rather have your school name or mascot down below? These factors all contribute to making a great university logo!

A good way to test whether or not your current design has what it takes is by holding up a mirror against your current brand identity while asking yourself “Do I feel like this image would work as well twenty years from now as it did yesterday?” If the answer isn't an enthusiastic yes, then maybe it's time for some changes!

The best logos use only two fonts, or even just one. The fewer fonts you have to choose from, the easier it is to create a simple and memorable logo that doesn't distract from your brand message.

Using only two fonts will also help ensure consistency across all of your marketing materials and branding—whether that’s on social media posts, official stationary or signage at events.

A logo is a visual representation of your brand and it should be simple, memorable and timeless. A logo must have all the features you require to differentiate it from other logos in the market. It should also be versatile enough for you to use on various media platforms like print materials such as brochures or magazines, websites and digital applications.

When designing a university logo, it's important that you choose a professional designer who has experience in designing logos for higher education institutions or at least has some knowledge about this sector.

Your university logo should have a story behind it.

Your university logo should have a story behind it.

It doesn't need to be one of those overly elaborate stories, but it should have some kind of backstory that helps people understand what your school is about and how your logo relates to that. You want to make it memorable—and memorable means something more than just being "notable."

Your university's logo also needs to be simple and easy to understand. That doesn't mean it has to use plain colors like gray or black (although those are totally fine options if the other colors won’t work on the web or in print). But it does mean that there should only be two fonts at most, with no gradients or textures thrown in for good measure. Your identity should be versatile enough that different applications still look good even when they're designed by someone who isn't a professional designer; after all, most of us will never spend money on design services unless they're absolutely necessary!

University logos need to have all these parts to be successful

Your university logo is what your school will be known for. It needs to stand out from the crowd, so it should be as simple as possible while still being memorable. If you're able to make people think of your university when they see a particular shape or color scheme, you've got yourself a winner. The same goes for conveying a sense of personality in your logo, but this takes some trial and error on top of having an eye for design.

Finally, if you want people to associate your name with excellence in academia (or whatever else), then your school's logo should not only be versatile enough that it can be used in different mediums but also timeless enough that it won't look dated five years from now—that's why we recommend hiring professionals instead of trying to DIY this one!


University logos can be a source of pride—they can reflect the values of an institution, the people within it and the times we live in. To create one that has all these parts, you'll need some expert design help. We've designed logos for major universities and colleges around the world. If you'd like to see how we can help your university look its best, get in touch with us today!