Learn How the Top B2B Podcast Producer in The World is Saving 100 Hours Per Month and Over $45,000 per Year

Sweet Fish Media, is the world-leading podcast agency the world, and is getting a lot of value from Kapa99 and is using the graphic design subscription in unexpected ways.

Learn How the Top B2B Podcast Producer in The World is Saving 100 Hours Per Month and Over $45,000 per Year

Meet James Carbary...

James Carbary is the founder of Sweet Fish Media, he’s the head of marketing and his general routine includes creating content for different channels, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media outlets, he also hosts a daily podcast with his partner in business, Jonathan.

What's Sweet Fish Media?

"In the simplest terms, Sweet Fish produces podcasts for b2b brands, and we do that with a different view on podcasting, where most people look at podcasting because they want to grow an audience, we look at podcasting because we want to build quality relationships, and the way you do that is by building relationships with your guests and by having guests that are ideal clients for your business. Relationships make life better and we create these relationships for other businesses by producing podcasts for them. In a nutshell, Sweet Fish produces podcasts for B2B brands"

Before Kapa99...

James tried to use Canva.com to get the graphics that he usually requires for his own content and the content of his clients. He quickly realized that "there’s no way that was going to scale as we brought on more clients" and there was an economic problem, "hiring an in-house graphic designer would run at least fifty grand a year," he told us. A price that his agency couldn’t afford back then in 2015.

James requires graphic design for his clients at Sweet Fish. They create logos for every new podcast that they launch, and once they launch the podcast, every episode gets custom graphics. It’s simple but time-consuming and expensive. Graphics for clients are not all the graphics that Sweet Fish requires. The company needs PDF files for opt-in bribes, and books and infographics for marketing are also required every month.

The Solution

James found Kapa99 on Facebook and decided to give it a shot on the spot.

The first month James requested images for the company’s blog, infographics, lead magnets, and more…

Two years after, Sweet Fish Media uses Kapa99 because the company needs quality graphic design work and fast turnaround times, something that Kapa99 has accomplished from the very beginning.

Today usual requests are logos for the B2B podcasting done-for-you service, PDF files for opt-in bribes, blog images, podcast episode images, ebook layout, and even personal requests, like the time James’s sister wanted to write a book and he requested a book cover to get her excited!

As the company has grown, James and his team take "less than a minute to type in the description on Trello of what we need."

Sweet Fish realized that they could save at least $45,000 dollars per year by using Kapa99 when compared to hiring an in-house graphic designer. In the process, James also noticed the time and effort saved, which allows for other activities, be it marketing or enjoying life. "We’re easily saving well over a hundred hours a month because we’re not only using Kapa99 for our brand but we’re using it for our clients as well. If there was no Kapa99, we just wouldn’t be able to do so much of what makes our service special."

James even uses Kapa99 to motivate his sister and help his friends!

My sister wanted to write a book and so I had Kapa99 put together some book covers for what she said the title of her book would be, being able to see kind of the look on her face whenever she saw [the book cover] was priceless.

A friend of mine, he’s a children’s book author and he’s trying to start growing his email list and we were talking at lunch one day. I was giving him some ideas on how he could start growing his email list.

One of the ideas we came up with was to create a lead magnet listing the 12 best children’s books.

So mom’s coming to his website would be incentivized to download that PDF because they want to know the best children’s books for their kids and so we came out of that meeting, quickly popped on Trello, and put in: Hey can we get a PDF graphic that’s really clean, that has these twelve books and I just sent as the Amazon links to those twelve books. And within a couple of days, I had a really really good-looking PDF that I could give to Timmy.

Obviously, Timmy wasn’t expecting it he thought he was gonna have to go and design some PDF, and was not like he was not looking forward to it.

The fact that I was able to give him something to tangibly use on his website just a couple of days after we talked about it was a game-changer for him.