Best Sizes for Popular Sticker Designs

We’re here to help you get the right size of sticker and design for your project. This is especially important when it comes to custom stickers, as you want them to be the right size so they look good on your product or vehicle.

Best Sizes for Popular Sticker Designs
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We’re here to help you get the right size of sticker and design for your project. This is especially important when it comes to custom stickers, as you want them to be the right size so they look good on your product or vehicle.

Business Card Stickers

We have a variety of sticker sizes available:

  • Business card size. This size is great for creating a small circle or oval stickers that are less than 1.75" wide or tall, and less than 0.5" thick (or 2 cm). Perfect for business cards!
  • Bumper sticker size. The bumper sticker size is good for larger circle or oval stickers between 3” and 4” in diameter (7 - 10 cm), as well as some large oval stickers up to 5" wide x 8" tall (13 cm x 20 cm). This can also be used for small rectangle stickers up to 7/8 x 1-1/8 inches (2 x 3 cm) with a thickness of 0.3 inches (8 mm) at the thinnest point.
  • Large oval shape stickers are most commonly used in this format, however, we also offer other shapes such as circles, squares, and rectangles if you have specific needs that don't fit into this category; contact us if you're not sure what might work best for your project!

2" Circle Stickers

The two most commonly used sticker sizes are 1.5" and 2". While both of these sizes are fairly popular, each has its own distinct uses and style.

2" Circle Stickers

2" circle stickers are the perfect choice for any situation where an oval or circle shape is best suited for your design. These include:

  • Business cards
  • Gift certificates
  • Books or magazines

2.5" Circle Stickers

  • 5" circle stickers are the best size for small businesses. If you're a small business, I mean. They're also great for people who are into stickers and like to keep them around as a reminder of how they can help their friends and family, or even strangers at a café or something like that.

Stickers come in all shapes, sizes, and designs—as do the places where you buy them! Sticker companies have been around forever (or basically ever since humans started making art) and their inventiveness has resulted in many different ways of displaying your favorite sticker designs on things like laptops or hats: from simple paper cutouts to intricate die-cut pieces with glitter thrown in for good measure (or bad).

3" Circle Stickers

A sticker measuring 3 inches in diameter is somewhere between 1 and 2-1/2 inches tall. It's usually around 1 inch tall, but can be as big as 2-1/2 inches if you want it to be (or if the sticker material is thick).

In American measurements, that's about 7 centimeters in diameter.

3.5" Circle Stickers

  • 5” circle stickers are great for small business cards or event invitations. They can be used in multiple ways, but the most common way is to put a sticker on the back of a business card. This design makes it easy for people to remember your name and contact details when you hand them your card. It also gives you an opportunity to emphasize what kind of services or products you offer in one simple sticker!

4" Circle Stickers

A circle sticker is a round sticker that has a diameter of 4 inches (10.16 cm). Circle stickers are commonly used on notebooks and in scrapbooks to decorate the covers or as decoration on pages. Circle stickers also make great labels for products, as well as advertising items such as posters and business cards.

There are several ways you can use circle stickers to promote your brand! For example:

  • You could print your company name on these circular stickers, then stick them onto water bottles for customers at events where you're selling drinks. This way people will remember what company provided them with the beverage they ordered!

4.25" x 5.5" Greeting Card Sized Custom Stickers

  • 25" x 5.5" is the perfect size for a greeting card! A greeting card-sized sticker is also great for a business card, small gift, or postcard.

4.75" x 6.74" Large Oval Stickers

These are the best size for large logos, large images, or large text. They’re also great for when you want to make a big statement with your sticker design. This size is capable of being used as a small sign or even a window decal!

6" x 3" Rectangle Bumper Sticker

This size is great for bumper stickers. It's also a good choice when you want a sticker that will fit in the small space between your car's window and door. If you have a large vehicle, this size works well on the rear window or any other place that's easy to see from afar. It's also an ideal choice if your objective is to put a message out there as clearly and concisely as possible.

If your purpose is less functional and more artistic, consider designing one of our most popular sticker designs on this 6" x 3" rectangle bumper sticker!

6" Circle Sticker

  • 6" Circle Sticker

This is the most popular sticker size and a great choice for small businesses. It’s big enough to be seen, but not so big that it will be difficult to stick on a variety of surfaces.

6.5" x 2.04" Small Oval Custom Vinyl Decals

  • 5" x 2.04" Small Oval Custom Vinyl Decals

Oval stickers are a great choice if you're looking to promote your brand or business, but they can be difficult to create with the right dimensions and size. Fortunately, small oval stickers are perfectly sized for a variety of uses and applications.

You can use these stickers on car windows, laptop computers or tablets, backpacks, water bottles...the possibilities are endless! They're also a great option for applying the sticker directly onto clothing items like hats and t-shirts so that it's visible from afar without affecting the color scheme of your attire too much (but please take care not to ruin any clothes—that would be bad).

Cross-shaped Decals (for churches)

The cross-shaped decal is one of the most popular designs in this category, and it comes in a variety of different sizes. If you're looking for something smaller than 4 square inches, you can choose from small (1/2 square inch), medium (1 square inch) or large (2 square inches). For a larger logo, we have an 8-inch version available as well.

In terms of colors, we offer everything from basic black and white to vibrant shades like red and blue. You'll also find solid colors with a bit of shimmer to them like gold, silver or copper. If you'd like your sticker design printed on vinyl, please note that the material will not come with any color options—it will always be white or clear unless otherwise specified by your client during checkout!

We’re glad you trust us to make your custom stickers!

We’re glad you trust us to make your custom stickers! We take the time to answer any questions you may have. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives will help you pick out a great design and get it printed in the size, shape, and material that best suits your needs. If we don’t already have it, we can even create a unique design just for you!

In short: if there is something special about your sticker idea, we will make sure it gets made exactly how you want it.


The best way to choose the right size for your sticker is by talking with one of our representatives. We can help you figure out which size will work best for your design and how many stickers you’ll need!