We exist to provide world-class customer-centric graphic design help.

Saving you time, money, and frustration on your everyday graphic design needs is what drives us every day.


Customer commitment

We develop relationships that make a positive and valuable difference in our customers lives.
Team work

We work together with our customers to meet their needs and help them achieve their goals.

We commit to deliver all files within our estimated time range.

We provide outstanding graphics and support, creating a premium experience for our customers.

We are personally accountable for delivering in our commitments.

But really, we work everyday so we can...

Save you time

Delegate your projects in less than 5 minutes, regardless of what it is.

Save you money

Expand your marketing budget by using your graphic design savings

Help you avoid frustration

We get to know you and your brands intimately to avoid multiple revisions.

Curious about how it all started?

This is our story... and it dates back to 2014

Before starting Kapa99 I was running a restaurant with my family. I took care of day to day management, and I led all marketing activities.

I found myself needing a lot of graphics for the restaurant, from social media posts to new menu designs. I was overwhelmed, even though I could get around using Photoshop I wasn't the best at it and I couldn't afford a full-time graphic designer in the business.

In December of 2014, during the holiday season, I found myself finishing the book, The 7 Day Startup by Dan Norris, in it he outlines how he created a service business in the WordPress space that was ultimately sold to GoDaddy, the interesting part was that he focused on offering unlimited WordPress help for a monthly flat fee.

After finishing the book, in one sitting, I found myself imagining an unlimited graphic design service that would charge a monthly flat fee, this service would be affordable for most small businesses, something I would use myself in my restaurant at the time.

The timing was right. I had more free time than usual and as luck would have it, my girlfriend at the time, and now wife, is a graphic designer.

I had experience setting up simple web pages and managing businesses and I found this to be an excellent idea to bring to the world, one I had to execute.

It turned out that unlimited graphic design for a flat monthly fee is something that a lot of people wanted. Fast forward to today, we see the impact of our business and our team understands how important it is what we do every day, my wife and I have grown the business to heights we didn't even imagine.

Our mission has been the same since day one, which is to help our customers save time, money, and frustration with their graphic design needs. Today we've helped over 4,000 different companies and individuals around the world and we're excited to continue doing this over many years to come.

Curious about the name? My wife first name is Paola, we combined my first name, with hers, which gives us: Kapa. The numbers, 99 is way to convey "unlimited", which we've offered since day one.

Ka Kei Ho

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